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Resources for Adolescents and
Young Adults (AYA) with Cancer (ages 15-39)

We are grateful that there are a growing number of organizations serving the needs of Adolescents and Young Adults with cancer. Some can help with coping skills and to connect to people who understand what you are going through. Others can help with other practical issues, such as finances, starting a family, and life after cancer treatments.

If you find you need guidance about your diagnosis, locating health and wellness programs, financial assistance, help with school, work, legal issues, insurance, resources to build a family, adventure camps and programs, caregiving, and social support – or just need an advocate – please contact our cancer nurse navigator here, or call 970-403-3711.

We have found these organizations and tools to be stellar, and each offers an extensive list of resources that may further meet your needs:

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

ASCO is a comprehensive site with information on the medical, psychosocial, and practical aspects of cancer. As is particular to young adults, there is information from LIVESTRONG on returning to school after cancer treatment as well as information on reentering the job market. 888-651-3038

Cactus Cancer Society

Formerly known as Lacuna Loft, Cactus Cancer is an organization that provides online support and programs for creative coping to young adult cancer patients, survivors and caregivers who understand what it’s like to face cancer.

CancerCare® [Support Groups for Adolescents and Young Adults]

CancerCare provides counseling, case management, support groups, educational programs, and financial assistance for Adolescents and Young Adults with cancer. 800-813-4673

CancerCare® [Support Groups for Young Adults]

Cancer Care provides counseling, case management, support groups, educational programs and financial assistance for Young Adults with cancer.  800-813-4673

Dear Jack Foundation

Offers the Breathe Series as a year-long virtual wellness program utilizing yoga, meditation, and breath to engage and empower young adults and their partners throughout their cancer journey, from diagnosis through survivorship. This unique program combines live virtual yoga classes and on-demand courses on meditation, breathing strategies, and yoga therapy.

Elephants and Tea

Elephants and Tea is the only magazine for adolescent and young adult patients, survivors, and caregivers, with a mission to let them know they are not alone in their fight with cancer.   The Elephant in the room is cancer. Tea is the relief conversation provides. They have regular Zoom meetings to help one another face cancer.

GRYT Health Vivibot

Vivibot is a chatbot designed for young adult cancer survivors, to help reduce anxiety.  Vivibot is interactive and is infused with humor, and helps you guided support to deal you’re your feelings, teaches mini mindfulness skills, and helps you create good habits. This is a great tool to help transition from cancer treatment to survivorship.

GRYT Health Cancer Community App

GRYT has a patient support and cancer support community app that was built by patients and caregivers and empowers young people with cancer to control their own health. “It’s a digital cancer support group in your pocket.”

Life Interrupted Web Series

The New York Times Emmy award-winning video series documenting Suleika Jaouad’s cancer experience. She’s since published a book Between Two Kingdoms: A memoir of a Life Interrupted and has created the Isolation Journals, which is a global project cultivating creativity and community during challenging times.


An organization that connects cancer patients and caregivers to their family, friends, and others like them for social and emotional support. They offer private websites to keep your family and friends updated, a helping calendar to coordinate visits and assistance requests, and  discussion boards moderated by licensed mental health professionals to share unique cancer experiences, insights, coping strategies and inspiration.  Join on the website above, or if you need more assistance contact the Cancer Support Community’s Helpline & Chat at 888-793-9355.

National Cancer Institute (NIH) 

The NIH outlines the types of cancers typically found in young people, how to find a doctor and a hospital, what the treatment choices are, coping and finding support, after treatment care, end of life care and organizations that serve Adolescents and Young Adults with cancer.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS)

The NCCS provides a Cancer Survivorship Checklist that is designed to be a simple, straightforward tool and resources patients and caregivers can use as a guide for information that is critical to their care wherever they are on the cancer care continuum. They also offer a Cancer Survivorship Toolbox covering a variety of topics that can be downloaded through their website or accessed podcasts through iTunes. 888‑650‑9127

Stupid Cancer

Stupid Cancer offers a lifeline to the adolescent and young adult cancer community by providing age-appropriate resources to help navigate treatment and survivorship. They provide webinars, conferences, meet-ups, and excellent resource guides.

Ulman Foundation

Maintains Mission Control, which is a comprehensive free online resource directory that connects young adults impacted by cancer with local resources in their community using their zip code. The software also segments resources by topic, offering help with everything from fertility preservation to financial aid.  If you would like to talk to someone, they offer Community Navigation support through telephone and email communication for young adults and families across the country. 888‑393‑3863

Young Adult Cancer Connect (YACC) [Meet your cell mates]

YACC provides opportunities for young adults (18-39) and their caregivers to come together and work through issues unique to their age group and discover resources that let them know they are not alone in their cancer experience. They offer meetups, videos, stories, and an annual Cancervention conference.

Young Survival Coaltion (YSC) [Targeted to young adults with breast cancer]

YSC offers programs that connect, educate and support young women with cancer. You can find other women who know what it’s like to face cancer at a young age. They also offer education about breast cancer, tips on how to live with breast cancer, help for your caregiver, and powerful resources, guidebooks and educational workshops.

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