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Community Cancer Nurse Navigation

When You Need Personalized Help with Your Cancer Journey

Our personalized navigators play an important role in helping you and your loved ones throughout your journey, so you feel less alone. We are here to help you manage the emotional, practical, and financial barriers to care and help you through this distressful time. Our guidance is directed at identifying your needs and connecting you to the resources that meet those needs. We do this by:

Providing educational and informational support at diagnosis and beyond, sharing next steps and encouraging you with listening ears, all of which can help decrease the fear and distress associated with your initial diagnosis.

Helping with patient/provider communication and tools to make informed medical care decision-making.

Sharing our helpful programs and organizations providing resources for financial assistance, health care providers, healthy lifestyle classes, emotional and social support, transportation, housing, non-English speakers for translation, coordination of services, employment issues, insurance, advance care planning, legal advice, mastectomy, lymphedema, ostomy, wigs, and head covering supplies, and more.

Serving as a long-term source of survivorship support during your journey and on your road to wellness.

Cancer and its road to healing and recovery can be difficult and is never the same for any two people.  Every person has a story and with that story comes individual needs. We want you to know that we are here for you; to reach our cancer nurse navigator send us a note here, or call (970) 403-3711.

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